Ofsted Report

We are delighted with our current Ofsted report, listed below are statements taken from it. The report can be accessed via .Gov.uk/ofstedreports. 



"Children are happy and settled at this vibrant and welcoming nursery. They develop close bonds with the caring staff for a reassuring cuddle. Children respond positively to the high expectations of staff. They are active, curious and keen learners. Older children practise counting objects. They display resilience and resolutely try again if they get the wrong number. Younger children show a keen interest in literacy. They happily look at books independently and share stories with adults."



"Children are independent, well behaved and choose their own play. Children play in the well-resourced garden. They acquire early writing skills as they make marks in the sand pit, develop their imagination as they explore the mud kitchen, and improve their gross motor skills as they ride on tricycles. Children show curiosity as they explore the natural world. They examine slugs and worms using magnifying glasses and talk about what they can see."



"Parents are overwhelming positive about the nursery. They receive regular information about their children's progress, and staff share ideas to extend children's learning at home. Parents comment that the staff ensure they are looked after, as well as their children."



If you would like to contact Ofsted, the number is 0300 123 1231

page last updated: 06/12/2022

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