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We understand that your child's first day at nursery can be a little scary; be assured our nursery staff are experienced at helping you and your child settle in. Try not to be too anxious about leaving your child if he/she is crying. Our staff are experienced in dealing with these situations and have strategies to help them.

We will offer your child two complimentary 2 hour play sessions in the run up to your child joining nursery. Your child will be supported during their playdays by a dedicated staff member. We will be happy to arrange extra playdays if either you or we feel they would be beneficial. On leaving your child clearly explain (with a smile) that you will see them later, aim not to prolong the goodbye as hard as this may be, trust us, it is better for your child so they can then focus on their time at nursery.

In the weeks prior to the big day, talk to them about the new experience that they are about to embark on, mentioning all the new and exciting things they will be doing. We value you as much as your child.

Key Person System

The Key Person system is in place to support every child. Right from the start children are supported in choosing their Key Person who will help them to feel comfortable and confident in the nursery environment. Your child’s Key Person will be a main point of contact for your family, they will be there to liaise with other professionals for example during the transition to school process and support you through your child’s journey at The Avenue Nursery. The Key Person is responsible for recording and tracking the progress of children in their care using summative and formative assessments. All of our staff work together to care for all children at nursery. Though they have an identified Key Person we work hard to ensure that children have good relationships with all staff, as well as their special person.

We offer drop in progress meetings or phone consultations throughout the year to share information on your child’s progress. You are welcome to look at and add to your child’s learning journey at any time. We also offer feedback sheets, working together sheets and’ I can do slips’ for you to fill in adding vital information to your child’s learning journey.

Learning Journey

When your child leaves nursery to start school, he/she will be given a learning journey which is yours to keep.

Your Childs class teacher will receive from us your ‘Transitional Progress Report’. During drop in sessions you will get the opportunity to share information from this document.


page last updated: 07/06/2024

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