Children with additional needs

Avenue Nursery playroom

All children are warmly welcomed and valued equally and all have individual needs that we work hard to ensure are fully met.

Some children have very specific needs that relate to their health and / or general development.

These needs may include particular routines that the child must follow to ensure their continuing health and well-being, for example they might have a sight, speech or hearing difficulties or mobility problems. We have staff who are trained to enable them to support these children.

If you have a child who has additional needs our aim is to work closely with you and other health professionals who may be involved. We will support you in seeking specialist equipment if this is required. Our practice of regular observation and assessment of childrens play, learning and development will keep you fully informed and provide you with examples that may be share with all those involved with your Childs care.

If you would like more information please speak to the nursery manager who would be happy to talk to you about your Childs specific needs and to plan with you how these will be met.

Staff will liaise with other professionals and undertake any additional training required to ensure that your Childs needs are fully met.

page last updated: 20/05/2019

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