Hi my name is Angela and I am the SENCO at The Avenue Nursery


My role necessitates a through knowledge of child development and an extensive knowledge of the needs of the children with SEN gained through personal experience and experience gained in my long held role at nursery.  I am passionate about upholding the rights of children with SEN, and all our team work hard to make our nursery an accepting, warm and welcome place for any child, regardless of their needs.  Our staff team respond to the emerging or existing needs of our children undertaking any training or adapting our environment swiftly and with ease.  We believe that every child has the right to achieve their potential and will provide support for them to do so.


As SENCO my responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring all staff in our nursery understand their responsibilities to children with SEN and our approach to identifying and meeting children's needs.
  • Advising and supporting my colleagues.
  • Ensuring parents are closely involved throughout and that their insights inform action taken by the setting.
  • Liaising with professionals or agencies beyond the setting.
  • Being aware of effective strategies and techniques and updating my training regularly.
  • Having a strong knowledge of the SEND Code of Practice.
  • Engaging with the support and advice which may be offered by other agencies.


I am a means of support for the staff team if they have concerns about a child's development and may be involved in overseeing additional support just to help any child make a little more progress.  I am also available for any parents and carers who may have any concerns or worries about their child's development.  As SENCO I can undertake specialised assessments to help your child or refer on to other agencies, for example, Speech and Language Therapy as necessary.  I am available at nursery, by phone or email.  I am available for parent consultations or for a quick chat if you have any worries.  You may be introduced to me by your child's Key Person if it is felt a bit of support is needed.  Key people often use me as a first source of support so please don't be worried by my involvement in your child's learning journey at The Avenue Nursery.  We treat all children as unique individuals and work better together to help every child achieve their potential.

page last updated: 22/02/2021

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