Parental Involvement

Nursery play

Parents are the first and foremost educators of their children. We provide an open door policy and a welcoming environment and involve parents in their child’s learning in as many ways as possible through social events, activity sessions and drop in progress sessions and e-mails in addition to being available for a chat on arrival daily.

We will


  • Involve parents in shared record keeping about their child, both formally and informally, ensuring that parents have access to all written records on their own children. 
  • Ensure that parents are given information on a regular basis about their child’s progress and have the opportunity to discuss it with staff.
  • Ensure that all parents have opportunities to contribute from their own skills, knowledge and interests to the activities of the group.
  • Ensure that all parents are fully informed about meetings, conferences, workshops and training.
  • Consult with families about the times of meetings to avoid excluding anyone.
  • Hold meetings in venues, which are accessible and appropriate for all.
  • Welcome the contribution of parents, whatever forms these may take.
  • Provide opportunities for parents to learn about the nursery curriculum and about young children’s learning, in the nursery and at home.

page last updated: 11/06/2019

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